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The refurbishment of the well-known Madrid restaurant "Lhardy" has been completed by Fran Cassinello and Mármoles Sol

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Fran Cassinello 's studio has refurbished the floors, cladding and worktops of the well-known Madrid restaurant "Lhardy", giving it a modern touch while maintaining its essence. In the refurbishment he has used the following materials Mármoles SolBlanco Macael, Rosa Portugués, Matrix Titanium and Blanco Carrara.

The famous Lhardy restaurant enters its third century of existence in the same house on Carrera de San Jerónimo where it opened its doors in 1839, when Madrid was the Court of the Queen Governor.

In the year in which Lhardy opened, Cúchares was still bullfighting, there were water carriers in the streets and zarzuela music had just been born. The history of Lhardy is the history of Madrid.

With the ornamentation of this beautiful façade defined by the taste of the Second Empire, Lhardy has jealously preserved the courtly and aristocratic atmosphere of 19th century Madrid, as well as the best formulas of European cuisine.

A meal at the Lhardy allows you to evoke the stately world while enjoying the best gastronomy.


The Provincial Council of Almeria awards Mármoles Sol the Corporate Social Responsibility 2021 prize.


Mármoles Sol will once again participate in the next edition of Casa Decor Madrid.

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