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Fran Cassinello will carry out the refurbishment of the well-known Madrid restaurant "Lhardy" with the help of Mármoles Sol

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The interior designer Fran Cassinello will be in charge of the refurbishment of the well-known Madrid restaurant "Lhardy" with Mármoles Sol.

In order to restore the old splendour of this renowned venue, Cassinello will refurbish the floors and toilets, as well as giving the rooms a modern touch without losing the essence of Lhardy.

The year Lhardy opened, Cúchares was still bullfighting, there were water carriers in the streets and zarzuela music had just been born.

The famous Lhardy restaurant enters its third century of existence in the same house on Carrera de San Jerónimo where it opened its doors in 1839, when Madrid was the Court of the Queen Governor and the embrace of Vergara between Espartero and Maroto had just taken place.

Much of Spain's history has been woven within the elegance of these walls, under their chandeliers that evoke the etiquette and solemnity of romanticism, and around their tablecloths that continue to underline the most delicate gastronomic refinements.

In this unchanging atmosphere, with the stimulus of delicacies and libations, the overthrow of kings and politicians, republics, the introduction of new dynasties, restorations, regencies and dictatorships have been decided. Time that passes and returns, always returns to the dining rooms of Lhardy, to the intimacy of the white salon and the oriental fantasy, colonial reveries of the Japanese dining room, to continue weaving the secret history of Spain. Above all, however, past and future merge in the undecided light of the famous mirror, where our images coexist with the shadows of characters who were reflected here, and we meet again so many friends of the aristocracy, of art and letters, now disappeared.

In the mirror of the Lhardy, as Azorín said, "we vanish into eternity", we enter and leave the beyond. To the highest heights.

Its halls are true witnesses of the country's history and culinary refinement.

The name Lhardy represents the splendour of Spanish and International Haute Cuisine and an emblem of quality backed by more than 170 years of prominence in the life of Madrid.

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