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Mármoles Sol is once again committed to Dual Vocational Training.

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Mármoles Sol offers new opportunities to the International Commerce students of the I.E.S Juan Rubio Ortiz de Macael by offering a dual vocational training place in their company.

Vocational education and training helps students to enter the labour market more quickly.

Dual VET is an educational programme in which the student takes all the training modules in alternation between the study centre and the company, guaranteeing apprentices the acquisition and consolidation of the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to develop professionally.

It is the new training solution designed to reduce the high rate of youth unemployment, thus benefiting both the students, since it is possible to train in a real working environment, and the company, because it allows it to incorporate qualified and trained personnel.

"I feel very grateful to Mármoles Sol for giving me the opportunity to develop and increase my knowledge as a technician in international trade", explains María José García, a dual vocational training student at I.E.S Juan Rubio Ortiz.

Once again, Mármoles Sol is committed to young people by providing them with learning opportunities and stimulating their most creative abilities.


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