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Mármoles Sol computerizes all its logistics centers

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The natural stone dealer Mármoles Sol The year begins with many new developments and initiatives. One of the most important will be the total computerization of the logistics centers that the firm has.

Mármoles Sol currently has logistics centers in: Olula del Río (Almería), Vícar (Almería), Granada, Madrid and Murcia.

According to the company's information: "With this we aim to speed up the process of private visits to our centres, due to the large volume of visitors that currently exist".

The team of professionals Mármoles Sol will follow up in situ all those people who come to their centres referred by the kitchen shops, decorators or marble workers, taking the information of the pieces to their addressee in an automatic and truthful way.

With this, the brand will train a large part of its workers in these new tools, promoting the professional retraining of the brand's oldest positions. "Thus treasuring the wisdom of its workers with more years of experience".

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