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Mármoles Sol will once again participate in the next edition of Casa Decor Madrid.

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Mármoles Sol repeats its presence this year at Casa Decor Madrid, where it will collaborate with the decorator Fran Cassinello from Mandalay Interiorismo. He will be in charge of defining the proposals for the staging of the firm's natural stone materials.

In 2022 Casa Decor returns to the Salamanca neighbourhood, to a typical residential building of the area, in an unbeatable location: calle Goya 89, on the corner of Conde de Peñalver from 7 April to 22 May.

According to Mármoles Sol , Casa Decor is a project that excites them. "The relationship between the people who make it up and our team makes it a very satisfying job. Everything that surrounds Casa Decor attracts us to our company. Every year it brings together a large number of interior design and decoration professionals".

The feedback that Mármoles Sol has received from visitors in previous editions has always been very enriching.

"We are proud that our product is valued as real jewellery. For lovers of natural stone, it is an ideal place to enjoy the beauty," they say.

As for applications, Mármoles Sol has no limits, "natural stone, used since ancient times by all civilisations, has proved to be our great ally, due to its hardness, durability and ability to adapt to all types of times and uses".


The refurbishment of the well-known Madrid restaurant "Lhardy" has been completed by Fran Cassinello and Mármoles Sol


The colours recommended by Mármoles Sol for Spring 2022

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