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When choosing the decoration of a space we take into account a variety of factors such as color, texture, thickness among others.
But have you considered choosing a material that not only decorates but also brings you benefits?

Natural stone, which includes granites, marbles, quartzite, soapy stones, onyxs, etc., is formed in the bowels of the earth in a natural way, no external agent intervenes in its birth that can modify its composition, such as contaminating agents such as glues or resins. Its composition is structured with 100% natural materials, by placing a stone in our space we are transferring the pure soul of nature to our environment.

With it has Mármoles Solnever been so easy to enjoy this beauty, our company focuses all its efforts on selecting the best blocks, as well as the best qualities on the market, thus ensuring greater durability of the product installed.

Take a look at the process of bringing our materials to your home.


The most sophisticated natural stone catalogue

Exclusive company collection. Formed by cuacites and marbles from the most exotic enclaves in the world. Ideal for high decoration and architecture.

Flagship of the brand. An extensive catalogue of marbles and granites specially selected for the decoration of the most demanding homes and interior design and decoration professionals.

Wide range of national and international materials known since long ago and made available in their highest quality.

Dare to be unique with our new exclusive Iconic Collection materials.

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Discover the new catalogue of Mármoles Sol. Meet the Infinity series and Cénitwith all its materials and finishes.

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Mármoles Sol Mirror

Innovative and exclusive finish of our company. With a high gloss polish we will obtain surfaces capable of reflecting everything around them.

Mármoles Sol Velvet

It offers a surface similar to aged but with a matt silk effect, which gives the granite a unique style.

Mármoles Sol Aged

Finish that gives the stone a very particular rough and rustic appearance.

Mármoles Sol Apomazado

Provides a surface similar to polishing but without shine, the surface is smooth, but completely matt.

Mármoles Sol Flame

It can be considered an exclusive finish of the granite, it provides a rustic, rough surface with a certain relief and a vitrified aspect.

Mármoles Sol Bushhammered

It provides a rough and homogeneous surface, with small craters evenly distributed.

New format


A new format of 1 cm thick that allows the application in rooms that require an ultra thin coating, without forgetting the main features and qualities offered by natural stone, as it is a product treated with Mirror Finish the material reaches a brightness impossible to achieve in any other product.

Mármoles Sol Slim Format
Mármoles Sol Graphic Slim Format

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