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This year's trend colors recommended by Mármoles Sol

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Mármoles Solthe company dedicated to the distribution of large format materials specialized in natural stone, presents the trendy colors for this year.

The trend for creating cozy and harmonious spaces is still on the rise. Therefore, Mármoles Sol invites you to know the tones that will make the difference this fall.

"The most outstanding colors can be found in two of our series: Infinity Series and Cenit Series," the company says.

Within the Cenit Series we find Peregrine, Forest Brown and Matrix Titanium, and within the Infinity Series,

Peregrine Gold. Cenit Series.
In the case of Peregrine Gold is a material that brings vitality to the environment with its orange, ocher and black tones. The veins that compose it will be a breath of fresh air to the decoration.

Forest Brown. Zenith Series.

Earth and brown tones, a more daring chromatic range. Combined in rooms with walls of soft tones will provide a decorative plus, we are talking about Forest Brown.

Matrix Titanium. Cenit series.

The focal point that will highlight any style of decoration is Matrix Titanium, both in mirror and satin velvet finish, it will define the chromatic line towards contrasting colors, around it an atmosphere of great character and elegance is generated, ideal for open spaces.

Indra Onix. Infinity Series.

Indra Onix in white tones creates natural and comfortable spaces, adding brightness and spaciousness, making it ideal for small rooms.


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